About Us

The Jimmy Lane Surfing Academy was founded 6/01/85. Jimmy Lane has over 38 years of diversified surfing experience.

Learning the Sport of Kings early in his youth and serving as a Volusia County Life Guard laid the foundation for his pursuit of the Pro Surfing World. Jimmy began competing in ESA (Eastern Surfing Association) events and quickly advanced into the Pro Leagues of the ASP/East (Asscociation of Surfing Professionals) and finally the World Tour of the ASP. With many 1st place wins under his belt Jimmy returned to his home in New Smyrna Beach and continued his involvement with Pro Surfing by becoming a Pro Surf Judge. Jim continues to be selected as one of the top choices for Judging Pro Surfing Events on the East Coast of the United States.

The Jimmy Lane Surfing Academy offers unparalled opportunity for youth to directly benefit from the vast Ocean experience and competition experience Jimmy has to offer. Jimmy's love of children and his infectious way of bringing out the best in his students has won the support of the City of New Smyrna Beach. By joining forces with the City Goverment, the Jimmy Lane Surfing Academy is unique in comparison to any other surf schools or camps.

The Surfing Academy is designed to help you enjoy learningabout the ocean through surfing. You will not only learn to ride a surfboard, but will be educated in ocean safety as well. You will learn your limits in the ocean and how to respect those limits. If you can challenge the ocean, you can master the world!

---Jimmy Lane's famous Surf School in Volusia County!!