Q: What should we wear?  A: Wear secure bathing suit or board shorts and RashGuard/Lycra Shirt to help protect you from excess sun and skin irritation.
Q: What should I bring? Only the basics like a towel. Sunscreen should be applied BEFORE you leave your house so it will dry.
Q: Is sunscreen necessary? A: We promote using sunscreen for your skin's protection. A wicked sunburn will kill your fun.
Q: What should we eat beforehand? A: You want to eat a healthy, non greasy, light meal before you get ready. This will allow enough time for it to settle. Sometimes the excitement of hitting the surf can make that tummy do a few flips. Stick with a good cereal, toast or pancakes.
Q: Should I pack any snacks? A: We provide watermelon with on our breaks every day. You are welcome to pack something light like crackers, but it shouldn't be necessary. ALL campers MUST bring their OWN FILLED WATER CANTEENS inside their beach bag daily! We will provide fresh watermelon at break!
Q: What about boards- Can I bring my cousin's friend's, neighbor's board? A: Hey, If you have used it before, were able to ride it, and its in good shape you may bring it. We will check all boards for safety risks and let you know if it is suitable. If you need a board, rentals are available. If you are looking for a more progressive board, rentals are available. Your coaches will go over this with you and your parents and will be sure your equipment is right for you!
Q: Should my parents stay or can they leave? A: Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the other parents, but this camp requires listening and trust. We trust you will listen and you can trust we will keep you safe. In other words, you will have more success if you focus on your own surroundings and coaches. And as with other camps, your families will be thrilled to hear about your fun and get to watch your achievements grow before their very eyes.
Q: Who is Famous Jimmy Lane? A: Coach Jimmy moved to New Smyrna Beach as a teenager and took up surfing as his new sport to go with football, basketball, track, and skateboarding. He was also on the swim team and became a beach lifeguard. Jimmy became so good in amateur surf contests that he decided to go pro. He traveled a lot and won many pro events and was even asked to become a pro contest judge! When he spent a month surfing in Australia, he even went to Judge's school there. He has met and surfed with many other professional surfers and board builders and has airbrushed thousands of cool surfboards over the last thirty years as one of the fastest artist's in the industry. You may have seen some of his murals around town, like the one on Red Dog Surf shop. Jimmy opened the Jimmy Lane Surfing Academy, over thirty years ago and the City of NSB's Parks and Rec program asked him to take on their summer program for kids, also. He is an artist and a dad. Jimmy's wife and family has been part of this camp every year since and the Academy coaches are just like family as well. Joining the JLSA is like a rite of passage in this town...and a vacation destination to many from all over the world!
Q: How soon can I start? A: Right away! We do private lessons, brush up sessions and group parties for all ages...so there's no reason to delay!
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